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Jazz MIDI Files

Jazz Midi files and Books which explain MIDI and how to create MIDI filesHere are some high quality midi files. Those which we did not create ourselves were created by friends. We have modified, enhanced, and rechanneled them so that they play as best as possible on your equipment Also, they are all in midi format 1 using individual channel tracks. Note that some require a sound device which fulfills the GS/GM specification as they use a brush drum kit. These files are for your amusement and education so please do not sell, hire them out or use them to produce music to be sold. Click on Midi to play or download depending on how your browser is configured. Please respect the author and arranger data buried in the file. unauthorised public performance, broadcasting and copying of these files is prohibited.

If you are interested in producing your own MIDI files we have listed some recommended books. These are some of of the best books out there ( and believe us there is a lot of rubbish out there ! ). Check them out.

Download Seven Steps to Heaven   Seven Steps to Heaven - Miles Davis
Download Take The A Train   Take The A Train - Duke Ellington (Needs GM - Brush Drum Kit )
Download Donna Lee   Donna Lee - Charlie Parker
Download Lazybird   Lazy Bird - John Coltrane
Download Mercy Mercy Mercy   Mercy, Mercy, Mercy - Joe Zawinul
Download Nardis   Nardis - Miles Davis
Download Round Midnight   Round Midnight - Thelonious Monk
Download Skylark   Skylark - Hoagy Carmichael
Download Spain   Spain - Chick Corea
Download Stella By Starlight   Stella by Starlight - Washington & Young
Download Stolen Moments   Stolen Moments - Oliver Nelson ( Needs GM - Brush Drum Kit )

Recommended Reading

What's Midi? : Making Musical Instruments Work TogetherWhat's Midi? : Making Musical Instruments Work Together
By Jon F. Eiche

A great beginner's guide to MIDI.
Paperback - 64 pages (February 1991)

List Price $5.95  Our Price $4.76 You Save $1.19 (20%)
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Music Technology Reference Book by Peter Buick

This is an excellent manual which you will find very useful. It has numerous charts, planners, checklist, useful hints, tips and ideas. Organised into convenient sections - MIDI, synthesis and sequencing, sampling and tapeless recording, audio and sound, industry contacts in the UK and USA. An indispensable reference.

List Price: $15.95 Our Price $12.76 You Save $3.19 (20%)
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The Midi Companion By Jeffrey Rona, Scott R. Wilkinson (Editor), Jeff Rona

This book is a guide for the musician, performer, producer, composer, recording engineer, computer enthusiast, student, or anyone wanting to acquire a good understanding of how to work with MIDI. It covers: the nuts and bolts of MIDI technology; putting together a MIDI system for any occasion; how to synchronize sequencers, drum machines, and other MIDI instruments; how to purchase MIDI instruments and software; MIDI codes are explained. Filled with diagrams, photographs, and charts to show you how to create your own MIDI system from a basic set-up to the outrageous.
Paperback - 96 pages (July 1994)

List Price $14.95 Our Price $11.96 You Save $2.99 (20%)
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The Midi FilesThe MIDI Files by Rob Young

Drawing on his years' experience as a professional programmer and musician, Rob Young explains how to get the most from MIDI. No more cutting and pasting little snippets of MIDI knowledge from magazines and friends! It's all here in one place - fully indexed, entirely product-independent and with of trouble shooting advice. Going far beyond the contents of equipment manuals and user guides, The MIDI Files is a comprehensive, easy-to-read reference package covering everything you ever wanted to know about MIDI. All the ingenious techniques in this book are referenced to over 60 sample MIDI files on the accompanying DSDD disk.

List Price $29.95  Our Price$23.96 You Save $5.99 (20%)
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Handbook of MIDI Sequencing by Dave Clackett

Dave Clackett produces MIDI files for Hands on MIDI Software and therefore knows all the ins and outs of MIDI sequencing. A book that is relevant whatever sequencer you own. Lots of information, hints and tips on producing professional MIDI files.

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A Programmer's Guide to SoundA Programmer's Guide to Sound
By Tim Kientzle

"I just wish this book had been available years ago."-Bobby Prince, composer and sound designer for computer games including Doom and Duke Nukem 3D "This is the kind of book that will stand as one of the defining works in the specialization of audio programming."-Gene Turnbow, senior programmer and game designer for Sound Source Interactive, Inc. "I'm amazed at the breadth and depth of Tim's coverage."-George Wright, Information Systems, Loyola College, Maryland A Programmer's Guide To Sound provides detailed technical information about audio storage, processing, and compression, and includes tested C++ source code. Developers who want to add sound technology to their applications will find all the details they need to: access low-level sound services on Win32, Mac OS, and UNIX; decompress MPEG, IMA ADPCM, and (-Law data; read from WAVE, VOC, AIFF, and AU file formats; and play MIDI and MOD music files. This book also includes accessible introductions to related topics, such as instrument synthesis, musical tuning, human sound perception, digital filtering, and Fourier Transforms. Developers will especially appreciate the emphasis placed on practical details. For every topic, the author provides complete source code to demonstrate the principles involved. The source code from the book compiles into a sample program that reads and plays a wide variety of different sound files on Win32, Mac OS, and UNIX. The CD-ROM includes all 40,000 lines of source code from the book, in addition to project files for popular compilers, sample sound files, and contributed software and related information. Whether you are an audio professional who wants to learn more about programming or a computer programmer who wants to know more about implementing audio, this comprehensive resource will be an invaluable reference for years to come. Tim Kientzle has a PhD in mathematics from the University of California at Berkeley and has developed software for PDAs, embedded systems, and desktop systems. In addition he has taught mathematics, and has written numerous books and magazine articles on software development. Currently he works as a senior technical editor for Dr. Dobb's Journal.
Paperback - 446 pages Bk&Cd-Rom edition (December 1997)

List Price $39.95 Our Price $31.96 You Save $7.99 (20%)
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MIDI for the TechnophobeMIDI for the Technophobe
By Paul White

This is one of the best books on MIDI for people who know little about it and especially those people who don't like learning new technology.
Paperback - 192 pages (October 1997)

List Price $14.95 Our Price $11.96 You Save $2.99 (20%)
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Advanced Midi Users GuideAdvanced Midi Users Guide
By R. A. Penfold

Paperback 2nd edition (March 1996)

List Price $15.95 Our Price $12.76 You Save $3.19 (20%)
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MIDI for MusiciansMIDI for Musicians
By Brad Hill

Written for musicians, NOT computer wizards, this book explains the musical uses of MIDI hardware and software, describes MIDI components and how they are connected, includes a shopping guide for keyboards and other components, and much more.
Paperback - 202 pages 1 Ed edition (July 1994)

List Price $14.95 Our Price$11.96 You Save $2.99 (20%)
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Anatomy of a Home Studio : How Everything Really Works, from Microphones to Midi Anatomy of a Home Studio : How Everything Really Works, from Microphones to Midi
By Scott Wilkinson, Steve Oppenheimer, Mark Isham

This book gives a general overview of what you have to keep in mind when you want to start your own home studio. It describes theoretical concepts like acoustics as well as the more practical stuff like setting up proper electrical wiring. It also gives a clear overview of the different types of audio equipment you can encounter in your search for the perfect studio. The book is well structured and there are some ironic touches added as well.
Paperback - 200 pages (April 1998)

List Price $34.95 Our Price$27.96 You Save $6.99 (20%)
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Awe 32 : The Musicians' Guide
By Gary Parker Chapin

Get the most from AWE 32, Creative Lab's standard-bearing sound card. Written for musicians and laypeople alike, this book provides detailed step-by-step instructions on creating music digitally. Find out how MIDI and other existing technologies can interface with AWE 32; learn about music software available for the board; and get a brief history of electronic music. Fascinating case studies feature commentary from leading popular and classical musicians. The CD includes sound utilities and original MIDI example compositions.
Paperback - 349 pages Bk&Cd-Rom edition (September 1996)

List Price $29.99 Our Price$23.99 You Save $6.00 (20%)
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Electronic Music and MIDI ProjectsElectronic Music and MIDI Projects
By R. A. Penfold

Paperback (July 1994)

List Price $15.95 Our Price$12.76 You Save $3.19 (20%)
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Maximum MIDI : Music Applications in C++Maximum MIDI : Music Applications in C++
By Paul Messick

This is a book that's destined to become a MIDI how-to classic.I've waited for quite a while to find a book that not only explains MIDI programming in detail,but also provides source code,a well done and documented companion disk ,many book examples in C and C++,online support and forum for the book(big plus!).I would have given a perfect rating ,but I specialize in using a different programming language-but I understand how to convert the code to C/C++ .As the title indicates,applications in C++.Kudos to Paul Messick! A reader , June 18, 1999
Paperback - 450 pages Bk&Cd-Rom edition (September 1997)

List Price $49.95 Our Price $39.96 You Save $9.99 (20%)
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MIDI for the ProfessionalMIDI for the Professional
By Paul Lehrmann, Tim Tully

MIDI For The Professional, now in its second edition, is the standard textbook for college-level courses in MIDI in the US and abroad. It has received rave reviews Keyboard, the Electronic Music Foundation, the IMA Newsletter, Piano & Keyboard magazine, and many other publications. For the serious MIDI user--performer, composer, programmer, multimedia author, equipment designer--there is no better source of information. Paul Lehrman is one of the best-known authors and teachers in the electronic music and pro audio fields (and is editor of Mix magazine's Web site) and Tim Tully, former editor of Electronic Musician magazine and technical editor of New Media, writes for EQ, Videography, and Pro Sound News, and plays a mean tenor. And there's a foreword by Bob Moog!
Paperback 2nd edition (June 1995)

List Price $24.95 Our Price$19.96 You Save $4.99 (20%)
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