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On the Musician pages you'll find information on getting ahead in the music business, music publicity, promotion and  marketing.On the Musician pages you'll find information on getting ahead in the music business, music publicity, promotion and marketing.
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This is area is set to expand with lots of information for musicians trying to make it in the music industry. We've started with a list of books you can order from which should get you going in the right direction. Enjoy.



Nashville Talent Scout Seeks New Country Singers


Notz Recommended Reading

All You Need to Know About the Music BusinessAll You Need to Know About the Music Business
By Donald S. Passman

"Our band is about to get beyond the local scene and start wrestling with the industry for record deals and national tours, so I practically jumped out of my skin when I finally found this book. It completely demystifies the workings of the entire music industry--in a musician-friendly way. A tiny, selfish neuron in me hesitated for a moment about telling the world of this book--but hey, we musicians are all in this together. If everyone negotiating with record companies read and used this book, we'd collectively be better able to get the sort of financial rewards our art deserves.", comments by a reader. Chapter titles include: Your Team of Advisors, Record Deals, Songwriting and Music Publishing, Group Issues, Touring, Merchandising, Motion Picture Music.
"I highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in the music business." - David Geffen (Jillionaire owner of Geffen Records).
"I almost hesitate to recommend Don's book--it gives away more inside information than it should" - Mo Ostin, Chairman of the Board, Warner Brothers Records

Hardcover - 416 pages Rev&Updtd edition (June 1997)

List Price $27.50 Our Price $19.25 You Save $8.25 (30%)
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All Area Access : Personal Management for Unsigned MusiciansAll Area Access : Personal Management for Unsigned Musicians
By Marc Davison, Dan Weinstein (Illustrator)

"It is about time someone wrote a book explaining the nuts and bolts of running a band! If you are trying to put a band together or you already have one formed...BUY THIS BOOK! Why waste your time making stupid mistakes when you can get this book that is full of first rate advice? I am on my second read as we speak! Great job Marc!" comments by from Santa Rosa, California , May 7, 1999 "Hey Marc! Your book is my new Bible!!! I have probably spent thousands of dollars on Music Business books over the last 10 years, and so far yours is the only one that I feel has been totally worth the money!!! I have practiced alot of the ideas over the years, but to have them all in one place as a reference really helps. I noticed that you managed Last Tribe. We did a show with those guys about 4 or 5 years ago at Hollins College in Roanoke, Va. What a great band. Now I know why it seemed that those guys really had their stuff together. I just wanted to let you know that your book rocks!!! I will keep you informed of my band (790 Robot Head) and how implementing your book is helping us. Thanks, Kenny Seay", comments by Kenny Seay from Virginia , September 10, 1998
Paperback - 344 pages (September 1997)

List Price $24.95 Our Price$19.96 You Save $4.99 (20%)
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1999 Songwriter's Market (Annual)1999 Songwriter's Market (Annual)
By Tara A. Horton (Editor)

1999 Songwriter’s Market puts you in touch with the people, places and information that will get your songs published, recorded and heard. Whether your songwriting focuses on classical, country, gospel or rock ‘n’ roll, 1999 Songwriter’s Market covers all your best leads, providing you with listings of 400 record companies, 350 music publishers, 350 managers & booking agents, 200 record producers and more. For less than one cent per market, you get complete, up-to-date and accurate details on: WHO TO CONTACT WHAT TO SEND HOW AND WHERE TO SEND IT TYPES OF MUSIC THEY’RE SEEKING TYPES OF MUSIC THEY’VE RELEASED WHEN TO FOLLOW UP WHO THEY’VE SIGNED. And only Songwriter’s Market offers you the insights, experiences and advice of today’s most successful music industry professionals, featuring: Jana Stanfield, triple platinum singer/songwriter; Dan Kimpel, producer of live shows for Qunicy Jones, Babyface and Diane Warren; Gerry House, co-songwriter of LeAnn Rimes’, "On the Side of Angels" ; Danny Benair, vice-president of film and TV for Polygram Music Publishing; and Karen Lampiasi, executive director of Women in Music.
"This annual directory is recognized as one of the most comprehensive guides to music publishers record companies, managers, agents and more." --American Songwriter
"Every year over 20,000 aspiring music industry individuals pick up this book and use it as a reference point from which they literally seek to build their career. Consider it the foundation of your songwriting career." --Songwriter's Monthly

Paperback - 528 pages (September 1998)

List Price $22.99 Our Price $18.39 You Save $4.60 (20%)
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Billboard Guide to Music Publicity, TheBillboard Guide to Music Publicity, The
By Jim Pettigrew

A great book on music industry publicity from the editors of Billboard.
" A must have for the Music Entrepreneur. This was one of the first books I read that helped our independent record label and our artists, and eventually our Hip Hop Entrepreneur success tools get featured on BET, Video Music Box, in Rappages, Billboard, Source and many other outlets. It's clear, easy to follow and one of the books we recommend in the Hip Hop Entrepreneur Niche on our site." Walt Goodridge from USA , April 23, 1999
Paperback - 176 pages Revised edition (April 1997)

List Price $18.95 Our Price $15.16 You Save $3.79 (20%)
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Making Money Teaching Music
by David and Barbara Newsam

With this guide, you'll discover how rewarding teaching can be, both musically and monetarily. Whether you plan to teach music full-time or you want to supplement your performing income by giving private lessons, tou need this book to show you how to build a profitable teaching business.
Paperback - 231 pages (March 1995)

List Price: $18.99 Our Price:$15.19 You Save:$3.80 (20%)

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How to Become a Record ProducerHow to Become a Record Producer
By David Mellor

Every musician with an interest in recording dreams of being a record producer -- it's the top job in music. But although many aspire to become record producers, few ever achieve their dream. This book tells how you, if you have the talent and determination, can become one. You'll never see your name in lights, but you will have the immense satisfaction of knowing that it was you who made that No. 1 happen. This book explains the musical aspects of the process of producing a record, from finding a singer or band and choosing a song, all the way through to making sure that you get your pay check on time. It covers rehearsal and pre-production, selling the singer or band to a record company A&R manager, and working in the studio, whether it is a modest home setup or a top class commercial studio. You will learn how to: Spot talent; Assess demo tapes; Develop an act; Rehearsal and pre-production; Working with live musicians and MIDI; Dealing with record companies; Hiring musicians; Choosing a studio; Mixing and remixing. Stop dreaming and start to take your first steps into the exciting world of record production.
Paperback - 128 pages (December 1997)

List Price $15.95 Our Price $12.76 You Save $3.19 (20%)
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Internet Audio SourcebookInternet Audio Sourcebook
By Lee Purcell, Jordan Hemphill (Contributor)

Covering the gambit from General MIDI to Liquid Audio, this excellent guide explores all of the current and upcoming technologies available for distributing audio over the Internet. The book explores each solution in detail, walking you through the process of creation and deployment, with a focus on the variety of tools you'll need to master. Many of these--plus some general HTML and Java utilities--are included on the bundled CD-ROM as demos or trial versions. Internet Audio Sourcebook discusses the pros and cons of various scripting and streaming solutions--quality versus bandwidth, available user base--in each section. There's even a chapter that serves as a digital home studio primer, introducing basic audio and setup concepts that are essential for preparing audio for Internet distribution and just good to understand.

The chapter on MIDI is an excellent explanation of an often misused, misunderstood, and much maligned format. You will also find discussions of real-time communication, voice synthesis, and voice recognition. Appendices cover HTML 3.2 and other sources of audio and Internet information, and the glossary provides quick reference for many of the terms used throughout the text.
Paperback - 553 pages Bk&Cd-Rom edition (September 1997)

List Price $44.99 Our Price $35.99 You Save $9.00 (20%)
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ZebraMusic - Helping Musicians Survive

Career Opportunities in the Music Industry (3Rd. Ed)Career Opportunities in the Music Industry (3Rd. Ed)
By Shelly Field

This book looks at the various opportunities available in the music industry and how to get work in those areas.
Paperback 3rd edition (April 1996)

List Price $18.95 Our Price $15.16 You Save $3.79 (20%)
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Administration and Supervision of MusicAdministration and Supervision of Music
By Robert L. Cowden, Robert H. Klotman

Advises personnel in college- level music departments on such topics as management, organizational structure, leadership styles, faculty evaluation, curriculum design and planning, budget and finances, fund raising, and public relations.
Hardcover - 328 pages 2nd edition (May 1991)

Our Price: $45
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Audio on the Web: The Official IUMA GuideAudio on the Web: The Official IUMA Guide
By Jeff Patterson, Marjorie Baer (Editor), Ryan Melcher

Whether it's music, voice, or ambient noise, your Web site is crying out for sound. Let the geniuses behind the Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA) teach you how to create, compress, and optimize downloadable and streaming audio for the Web, then post clips to your site for peak user experience. The accompanying CDROM contains a variety of software utilities and sample digitized songs.
Paperback - 203 pages Bk&Cd-Rom edition (July 1998)

List Price $34.95 Our Price $27.96 You Save $6.99 (20%)
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Getting Radio Airplay : The Guide to Getting Your Music Played on College, Public & Commercial RadioGetting Radio Airplay : The Guide to Getting Your Music Played on College, Public & Commercial Radio
By Gary Hustwit

Payola, Shmayola. Getting Radio Airplay shows musicians the real way to get their music played on the radio. The new Third Edition features interviews with radio station Music Directors, record label Promotions staff and independent artists who’ve done it, plus a new section on internet radio and listings of over 1,000 radio stations in the U.S. and Canada. “Quite simply, the best and most useful book on the subject of radio. If you are a musician trying to put out your own music, you definitely need this book. Solid information and invaluable directories.” —Spotlight Magazine
Paperback - 150 pages 3rd edition (March 1998)

List Price $19.95 Our Price $15.96 You Save $3.99 (20%)
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Hit Men : Power Brokers & Fast Money Inside the Music Business.Hit Men : Power Brokers & Fast Money Inside the Music Business.
By Fredric Dannen, Erroll McDonald (Editor)

Hit Men is the shocking, highly controversial expose of the venality, greed, and corruption of many of the assorted kingpins and hustlers who rule over the music industry. "A sobering, blunt, and unusually well-observed depiction of the sometimes sordid inner workings of the music business."--Billboard. 4 pages of photographs. A nauseatingly honest and therefore controversial expose of the base beings that inhabit the higher levels of the music industry.
Paperback - 407 pages Reprint edition (July 1991)

List Price $16 Our Price $12.8 You Save $3.20 (20%)
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How to Be a Working Musician : A Practical Guide to Earning Money in the Music BusinessHow to Be a Working Musician : A Practical Guide to Earning Money in the Music Business
By Mike Levine

This book is aimed both at those considering a career as a musician, and those already in music who are looking to jump-start their career or change direction. It contains practical advice for getting work as a musician in a wide variety of areas of the business including nightclubs, private parties, Broadway and musical theater and classical music. In addition, this book also covers getting studio work, as well as jingle writing and other commercial composing. The composing section contains an extensive how-to section on the nuts and bolts of scoring to picture. This can serve as a valuable reference to anyone wishing to get started in that end of the business. This book was written by a full-time professional musician who interviewed over fifty industry professionals who were interviewed during the writing process. “How to Be a Working Musician”. It contains profiles of a number of these people, as well as Q&A sections and plenty of quotes.
when writing the book.
Paperback - 224 pages (October 1997)

List Price $16.95 Our Price $13.56 You Save $3.39 (20%)
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How to Make and Sell Your Own Recording : A Guide for the NinetiesHow to Make and Sell Your Own Recording : A Guide for the Nineties
By Diane Sward Rapaport

Referred to as the musician's bible, this comprehensive manual covers every aspect of recording and shows step-by-step how to set up a small independent recording label for promoting and marketing from one to many titles.
Paperback - 243 pages Rev/4th edition (November 1992)

Our Price: $29.95
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The Real Deal : How to Get Signed to a Record Label from A to ZThe Real Deal : How to Get Signed to a Record Label from A to Z
By Daylle Deanna Schwartz, Daylle Deanna Schwarz

THE REAL DEAL should interest both professional and amateur musicians, as well as managers, lawyers, producers, and songwriters working with talented musicians and needing direction and knowledge. All parents with talented children and looking to give qualitative support should also have a look at this title. Written from the perspective of an educator, songwriter, musician, and President of Women in Music, Inc., this book provides practical advice to anyone wanting to break into the music business as an artist. Advice from industry pros such as artists Chuck D., Phoebe Snow, and LeAnn Rimes; record label heads like Karin Berg and Kirk Burrowes; as well as publicists, managers, booking agents, and entertainment attorney provide more valuable information in 288 pages than college courses can provide in an entire semester.
Paperback - 256 pages (May 1997)

List Price $16.95 Our Price $13.56 You Save $3.39 (20%)
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Confessions of a Record Producer : How to Survive the Scams and Shams of the Music Business
By Moses Alalon, Moses Avalon

Confession is good for the soul! Over the years, among many other like-minded authors, a stockbroker, a "dirty" ballplayer, a "lapsed" librarian, a corporate headhunter, and an advertising man have all felt the need to atone in print either for their own misdeeds or for those of their profession. Here Avalon pseudonymously exposes the ways the recording industry can take advantage of budding artists. Avalon started in the business 15 years ago as a studio engineer and went on to produce records. He has also composed soundtracks for several independent films and now consults for artist managers, record labels, and investors. Avalon examines the various stages of the record deal. He explains the role of each person involved and suggests what that person's self-interest is. He also contrasts the differences among deals at the major labels, independents, and vanity labels, and he discusses "baby" deals between artists and production companies. Avalon's final cut is a medley of stories, rumors, and myths about ways people can be or have been "ripped-off." Though sometimes too blunt, Avalon provides a caveat that novices could miss out on elsewhere.
Paperback - 250 pages (September 1998)

List Price $17.95 Our Price $14.36 You Save $3.59 (20%)
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Musician's Guide to the Internet, The
By Gary Hustwit, Rob Levine (Contributor)

The guide to getting you (and your music) online! This new book from the author of Releasing an Independent Record covers the most popular areas of the Internet (e-mail, the World Wide Web, newsgroups and more) and includes reviews of hundreds of music-related websites. Find out how to create your own website and use new technology like steaming audio to get your music to millions of potential listeners worldwide.

Gary Hustwit is the author of several books on the music industry including Getting Radio Airplay. Formerly the Director of the Independent Music Seminar, Hustwit has written for Billboard and Guitar World magazines.
Paperback - 144 pages (October 1996)

List Price $19.95 Our Price $15.96 You Save $3.99 (20%)
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Music Law : How to Run Your Band's BusinessMusic Law : How to Run Your Band's Business
By Richard Stim, Peri Pakroo (Editor)

Music Law can help you see your band as a business and turn it into a successful one. Musician and attorney Richard Stim has filled this useful book with helpful advice on solving disputes between band members, dealing with lawyers, managers, and record companies, and even the increasingly important matter of sample clearance. The advice is extremely thorough; for example, the chapter on band names includes information on researching your band's name to ensure it isn't already in use, what happens if two bands have the same name, and even how to register your band's name and logo. Because he advises getting all agreements in writing, Stim has provided dozens of sample agreement forms, both as blank hard copies in the book and as templates on the enclosed disk. Throughout the book, Stim provides important legal advice, all translated from stilted legalese into simple English. Both big and little names get into these difficulties sometimes; the book is peppered with cautionary tales of real musicians and their legal squabbles. Music Law can help you avoid such pitfalls and get your band's business running smoothly--so you might be able to quit that day job, after all.
Paperback - 400 pages Bk&Disk edition (September 1998)

List Price $29.95 Our Price $23.96 You Save $5.99 (20%)
Click Here To Order This Book From


Bootleg : The Secret History of the Other Recording IndustryBootleg : The Secret History of the Other Recording Industry
By Clinton Heylin

Die-hard rock fans soon learn there is a way to hear live performances, outtakes, and other material by their favorite musicians that record companies suppress. That way is on bootlegs--unofficial, clandestinely distributed releases sanctioned by neither artist nor record company. Heylin traces the bootleg phenomenon from Great White Wonder (the Bob Dylan collection that kicked things off in the late 1960s) through the punks and Springsteen (one of the most heavily bootlegged artists) to today's digital era of easier, better sounding unofficial recording that has given bootleggers quite a boost. He interviews (anonymously) most of the major bootleggers, explains the legal obstacles they face, and describes some of the most outstanding material available on boots. He also addresses the intellectual property questions, siding firmly with the bootleggers, whom he credits with making much available that would have gone unheard and sees as motivated by love of music as much as love of profit. Heylin seems to labor out of love, too, as he celebrates the underground entrepreneurs responsible for freeing otherwise lost recordings.
Paperback (July 1996)

List Price $16.95 Our Price $13.56 You Save $3.39 (20%)
Click Here To Order This Book From

The Mobile Dj Handbook : How to Start and Run a Profitable Mobile Disc Jockey ServiceThe Mobile Dj Handbook : How to Start and Run a Profitable Mobile Disc Jockey Service
By Stacy Zemon

The Mobile DJ Handbook was written as an excellent guide for the aspiring DJ to begin his or her new business, however it is also a great refresher for the experienced mobile DJ as well. The book contains great ideas on how to expand and develop your business through learning to market and sell your company. The Handbook covers all of the bases when it comes to your business. You can find sample brochures, letters, contracts, and information sheets. For the beginner, there is information on buying equipment, running your shows, setting your price, and essentially, how to be a professional. The mobile dj field is a fun and exciting business to be involved in and this book will help you be successful in it.
Paperback - 160 pages (June 1997)

List Price $19.95 Our Price $15.96 You Save $3.99 (20%)
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Music, Money, and Success : The Insider's Guide to the Music IndustryMusic, Money, and Success : The Insider's Guide to the Music Industry
By Jeffrey Brabec, Todd Brabec (Contributor)

The untold story of how the billion-dollar world of music really works. The Brabecs reveal for the first time the secrets of the music business that have made fortunes for the superstars, and they describes how the business works on a day-to-day basis, who makes the decisions, and more. 40 illustrations.
Hardcover - 412 pages (March 1994)

List Price $30 Our Price $21 You Save $9.00 (30%)
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