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On the Jazz pages you'll find information on Jazz Education, Jazz Guitar, tips on practicing, recommended sites, links, CD's and books.On the Jazz pages you'll find information on Jazz Education, Jazz Guitar, tips on practicing, Acid Jazz,   recommended sites, links, MIDI files, CD's and books.
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bulletJazz Guitar Jazz Guitar Links, players, book and CD recommendations
bulletJazz Guitarists of the 1950/60's - foils from the Lecture given at the State University of New York
bulletEarly Jazz - Freddie Green, Charlie Christian
bulletBebop - Tal Farlow, Barney Kessel
bulletHard Bop - Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass
bulletSoul Jazz - George Benson, Kenny Burrell, Grant Green
bulletCool Jazz - Jimmy Raney, Jim Hall, Billy Bauer
bulletFlame Keepers - Jack Wilkins, Jimmy Bruno
bulletJazz Guitar Players - List of links to jazz guitar players
bulletJazz Guitar Links - List of links to jazz guitar sites
bulletAcid Jazz Information on Acid Jazz, with sample midi files and CD recommendations
bulletJazz Midi Jazz midi files, and recommended books with information on midi and how to create your own midi files.
bulletJazz Education Learning Jazz, list of useful resources to learning more about Jazz and book recommendations.
bulletJazz Practice Some thoughts on practicing to become a better musician, book and resource recommendations to help you on your way.
bulletJazz Links Some of the most useful Jazz links on the net
bulletJazz Art Gallery of Jazz related posters, discounted by at least 20%
bulletUK Jazz The Jazz scene in the UK, links, and recommendations.


Listen to Jazz

If you have the real audio plugin installed then you can listen to the following audio broadcasts whilst browsing. ( To get the real audio plugin go to the Welcome page to get your copy ). For more choices of listening visit our Radio page.

bulletDaily Jazz news straight from New York, USA
bulletWBGO out of New Jersey, USA

Notz Recommended Sites Recommended !Discussion group for Jazz Guitarists. Topics such as chords, harmony, theory, practice methods, recordings, and equipment are welcome. List has been existence since 1995, first on a private listserv, then on the original egroups. Open to beginners and advanced players.

Subscribe to Jazz Guitar
Powered by Recommended !Justjazz discussion list. We highly recommend all jazz musicians subscribe to the justjazz discussion list owned and run by Reed Kotler. Reed is a jazz composer, pianist, and teacher, currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area. The discussions on this list are generally of a very high quality and cover a broad range of topics from Jazz theory, composition, arranging, reharmonization, improvisation, education, and engraving. It is essentially a technical forum and not a place for discussing CD's, jazz history, advertising concerts, or other commerical ventures.

To get some idea of what it's like, have a look at the edited JustJazz archives (Vol. 1 - 112). They've now moved to a new listserver and handling your subscription is now a lot easier.

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Powered by News
Visit DownBeat Jazz and read about the latest newas and reviews! Recommended !Alisdair MacRae-Birch Musician and man behind Check out his web site. There is more information on Jazz Guitar, Essential tunes and transcriptions. Also Links to other Jazz Guitarists and Sites. Recommended ! Their goal is to create a worldwide web presence for the promotion of jazz singers and their profession. There are lots of links for singers, with particular emphasis on the New York Scene.

picasso125 Recommended !The Outside Shore. Marc Sabatella, a jazz pianist from Fort Collins, Colorado started the site Outside shore many years back. The site contains a wealth of information on Jazz, including the complete text of his book A Jazz Improvisation Primer. It contains chapters on history, theory, improvising, accompanying, and practical advice on performance. The text has been freely distributed since 1992, and continues to be freely available for online browsing. Recommended !The Jazz Resource Centre This is a site maintained by three dutch Jazz Musicians. It features transcriptions, documents on theory and a number of articles on McCoy Tyner.

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Creating Music On-Line

Once there was the Midi Jazz Network (MJN) founded by Benjamin Lewis, a professional jazz pianist in the city of Chicago. Sadly, because of time commitments he has had to abandon MJN but the good news is he has now become a part of a new online music adventure called ResRocket. The MJN site is still up and running and has some excellent Jazz Midi Files on it.

Res Rocket was formed in November 1994 by two British musicians, Willy Henshall and Tim Bran. Willy Henshall, an award-winning songwriter, producer and member of the band Londonbeat, and Tim Bran, a successful engineer, producer, and member of the band Dreadzone, began posting messages and sound files on Usenet (the Internet's bulletin-board) - and later on an ftp and Web site - from their West London studio. People from all over the world started replying with song ideas and sound files. By January 1995 about 600 members were regularly checking this little corner of the Internet.

Res Rocket is a now a large network of musicians using free Distributed Real-time Groove Network (DRGN) software to compose, jam and make music.

Check the ResRocket Logo Image Site Out - we'll see you there.

ResRocket Text Image

Visit or Join a Site in the Jazz Ring

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